The cutting wire becomes intelligent!

Clevel is an automatic device, patented by Nettuno Sistemi, that can be installed on the CNC hotwire foam cutting machines of the Series Professional (120pbox ,400i ,800i) and Series Infinity.

Clevel is able to automatically adjust the speed of the cutting wire of the pantograph. It changes the speed, increasing or decreasing it, in relation of the different density of foam blocks.

Indeed, the most common blocks of expanded / extruded polystyrene can have density that goes from 8kg/m3 up to 50-60 kg/m3.
Furthermore, even in the same block of eps the density can be different. It happens because sometimes the expansion of the styrene is not homogeneous and as result you find eps blocks that in the middle can be harder or softer than the external parts. The operator, using a standard hot wire foam cutting machine, in order to regulate the cutting speed, must consider different parameters:

  • Temperature of the cutting wire
  • Diameter of the cutting wire
  • Humidity of the environment and room where the machine is placed
  • Humidity of the polystyrene block
  • Density of the foam block
  • Expansion homogeneous of the styrene inside the foam block

Clevel is able to adjust the cutting speed considering automatically and in real time, all the above mentioned parameters.

A Cnc Hotiwre foam cutter equipped with Clevel is avoiding the possibility of low accuracy and mistakes caused by wrong adjustment of the cutting wire speed before and during the process of cutting for Styrofoam blocks.

This become a great advantage for the operator of the cnc foam cutter, who can leave the machine operating alone because is not requested his presence to control and adjust continuously the cutting speed until the machine doesn’t complete the full cycle of work.

Cutting Speed

Very often, the operators of cnc cutting machines, believe that the cutting speed of a cnc hotwire foam cutters, depends of its technical features (fast motors, etc.) and this is not true

As matter of fact, the maximum cutting speed of a hotiwire foam cutter is related to many aspects not strictly associated to the hardware features the pantograph.
The machines Nettuno Sistemi are equipped with Closed loop stepper motors that can run up to 10.000 or 15.000 mm/min, but anyway the cutting speed will be set in relation of the following factors

  • Density of the foam that you are going to cut

The higher is the density of the polystyrene, the lower must be the cutting speed.

If you must cut a block of Styrofoam with a density of 10-15 kg m3, the maximum cutting speed of the hotwire foam cutter can be about 1200-1500 mm/min.
If you need to cut high density xps (extruded polystyrene) 35kg/m3, then the maximum cutting speed of the pantograph during the cutting procedure, will be 400-500 mm/min

  • Aging of the expanded / extruded foam block

Two blocks of eps or eps, with same density, can show a different resistance when are being cut, in relation to their aging.

  • Another important factor is the environmental humidity and humidity of the foam block.
  • Type of cutting wire installed on the machine

For cutting Styrofoam or any other rigid foam, it is possible to use cutting wire made of Nickel Chrome or Titanium.
The Titanium wire is stronger and very accurate. It can work at a higher speed if compared with standard Nickel Chrome wire.

As last, the operator must keep in mind that further to all the above-mentioned factors, even in the same block of expanded polystyrene it possible to find a different density/humidity

It is not rare to find a foam block that is dry on the external part of it and still humid in the central part.
Working on years of experience in the field of foam cutting , the team Nettuno Sistemi has tried to develop for its cnc hotwire foam cutters devices able to optimize the cutting speed automatically and keeping in consideration all of these parameters.


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