Hot wire CNC polystyrene cutters

CNC eps cutting cutting machines for industrial use

A complete range of CNC hotwire foam cutting systems.

Our cnc cutting machines are the best combination between advanced cnc machines and the hotwire cutting system for expanded / extruded polystyrene.
The hardware and software solutions of our Styrofoam hotwire cutting machines – also called Foam or polystyrene Cutters – guarantee to the operator the best result of cut and easy to use interface, even for long cutting process of polystyrene.

This allows cutting eps blocks or panel of xps ( or other type of foam/polystyrene ) being sure to have a high accuracy, even if you are cutting large size or small detailed shapes, thanks to the CNC control.

For the series Infinity and Edil is possible to ask for customized solutions as well, in order to fit with any specific requirement of your company.
A professional hotwire foam cutting system that becomes even more efficient because of our powerful CAM software integrated with Corel Draw.

Our CNC hotwire machines for cutting expanded polystyrene are the best solution for making prototyping , craft works, industrial production, scenography, movie set, packaging, furniture, interior design, external wall insulation (EIFS), building decoration, exhibition stands.

Producing foam parapets, eps / xps cornices, columns, Styrofoam sculptures or any 3D / 2D shape will be extremely easy.
With the foam cutters Nettuno Sistemi you can give life to your Creativity.

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We offer you for all of our machines:

  • Continuous Assistance and Support

  • CNC foam cutters ready to be used

  • 3d simulation and preview of the cut

  • Full training for the use of software

  • For professional use

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Hot wire CNC polystyrene cutters
Nettuno Sistemi

Customer Care

Always beside our customers with courtesy and professionalism, for the installation of the patograph and for any type of problems.

Advanced Technology

The quality of our CNC foam cutters is related to the use of high quality materials and components, strong and light, like the large aluminium profiles and tempered steel.


The quality of our CNC foam cutters is related to the use of high quality materials and components, strong and light, like the large aluminium profiles and tempered steel.

Technical Support

Our highly qualified staff will support our customers starting from the first day when they start working with our CNC foam cutting machines

Fields of use

The cnc foam cutters are used in different business industries:
Plasticity, strength and efficiency of our pantograph, make them the best for:

  • Constructions
  • Insulation
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Thematic parks
  • Visual communication
  • Building Decoration
  • Set Design
  • Movie set
  • Packaging
  • Furniture
  • Party Decorations
  • Exhibition stands
  • 3d Creations
  • Green energy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Pontoons
  • Shipbuilding

One of the most interesting features is that they allow you to make low cost rapid prototyping

Workable materials

  • Polystyrene
  • Rigid Foam
  • EPS – expanded polystyrene
  • XPS – extruded polystyrene


The technology hotwire cutting system of Nettuno Sistemi is based on patented software applications..

Nettuno believes and pursuits a continuous development of user-friendly software interface.

The software Nettuno Sistemi, for our hotwire CNC foam cutting machines, is divided in two different applications

  • Nettuno Plug-in, CAM integrated with Corel Draw (for creating 2D and 3D models / drawings)
  • Nettuno Cutter, interface directly connected with the machine for making 3D cutting simulation and execute the cuts.

What are the machines CNC?

The cnc machines are automatic equipment that work thanks to the integration of a pc with numerical control.
A Pc with numerical control is an external electronic device that gives exact instructions to the machine, programming each single moving.
These programmed instructions allow having a total control on the moving and even complex functioning of a machine.
For this reasons, the CNC cutting machines guarantee high precision and fast working process with a quality of result that can be compared to hand work or, sometimes, even better.
The operator of the machine is only dealing with the software in order to program the different actions, monitoring the working process and intervene only if strictly requested.
The main advantage of a CNC machine is that is possible to automatize working processes, increasing the productivity reducing the costs.

What is the hotwire cutting?

The Hotwire cutting is a cutting process extremely efficient and appreciated for modelling eps or similar rigid foam.
The cut with hotwire consists in the vaporization of the polystyrene foam because of the heating.
In fact, when the hot wire is passing through the material, it vaporises the foam with the radiant heat.
The hotwire foam cutters are tools commonly used for cutting polystyrene (also called Styrofoam or eps), but they are able to cut many other different type of foams.
The machines are equipped with cutting wire, made of Nickel Crome or Titanium, that is heated by a resistor up to 360-380C°
The cutting wires can have different diameters (usually goes from 0,15 to 0,50 mm , but also there are tick wires 1 mm diameter that are can be shaped by hand).
The limits of cutting for this technology are restrained.
The depth of cutting depends of the wire length.

What are the Cnc Hotwire foam cutters used for?

The cnc hotwire foam cutting machines are CNC machines made to cut automatically rigid foam blocks or panels.
These machines are a combination between the hotwire cutting system, used for the manual cutters and CNC systems.
The union between technical and automation has allowed making high precision Styrofoam works with high quality and low cost of production.
The CNC foam cutters, furthermore, reduce the time for processing complex shapes.
They are perfect for prototyping because of the above-mentioned precision they have.
In this way, it is possible to raise standards of efficiency and quality of industries, companies and artisans.
The most advanced CNC foam cutters are equipped with 2 ,4 or 5 axes.
These can be equipped many tool, like carver / shapeable wire (for making grooves), rotating table (vertical or horizontal) or Multiple Wire harps that allow to cut with more wires at the same time.
Also the software applications CAD can be various: 3D electronic library, plugin integrated with the most popular software for graphic design.


Our partner worldwide are companies with a high profile that deals with the distribution and after sales assistance of machinery and equipment in different industries.(design, visual communication, printing, construction, packaging)

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