Manual hot wire foam cutters

Hotwire cutters for expanded and extruded polystyrene

The manual cutters for polystyrene made by Nettuno Sistemi works with hot wire cutting system.
These represent the result of a long research for creating a professional tool efficient and ergonomic.
Our hotwire cutters can cut expanded /extruded polystyrene (eps and xps) polyurethane foams or similar rigid foam for specific professional use, but can also for Hobby, DIY and creative use.

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Construction - Building

The series TM is the perfect tool for contractors that need to install EIFS (external wall insulation system). The cutters have a , metric scales and guides that facilitate the cut of the eps / xps boards and sheets. LC140, a professional hot knife that can work with different blades for executing special cuts of polystyrene panels.

Advantages of Nettuno Sistemi foam cutters:

  • Are Ergonomic and easy to be used

  • Don’t need maintenance

  • Are strong and reliable

  • Efficient after sales service

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Why choose
Manual hot wire foam cutters
Nettuno Sistemi

Customer Care

Always beside our customers with courtesy and professionalism, offering technical support and assistance


The quality of our hotwire foam cutters is related to the use of high quality materials and components.

Technical Support

Our highly qualified staff will support our customers starting from the first day when they start working with our foam cutting machines

Fields of use

The hotwire manual cutters Nettuno Sistemi, for the precision of the cut and the ease of use, are the best tools suggested for:

  • onstructions
  • Insulation
  • External Wall Insulation System
  • Cake design
  • Foam Sculptures
  • Styrofoam Decorations

TMline, TMslim and LC140 are mostly used in the sector of construction for cutting board of eps / xps for the external wall insulation system (EIFS, Cappotto, SATE , EWI)

LC140 is also used for making styrofoam sculptures and cake dummies.

These strong and reliable hotwire cutters are the best solution also for people who need to cut foam for hobby or DIY job.

The main advantages when buying the manual foam cutters Nettuno Sistemi are the guarantee of getting a professional tool, availability of spare parts and the best precision of cut.

Workable materials

  • Processable foam
  • Polystyrene
  • Expanded Polystyrene
  • Extruded Polystyrene
  • EPS
  • XPS
  • Rigid foam

What is the hotwire cutting?

The Hotwire cutting is a cutting process extremely efficient and appreciated for modelling and shaping eps or similar rigid foam.
The cut with hotwire consists in the vaporization of the polystyrene foam because of the heating.
In fact, when the hot wire is passing through the material, it vaporises the foam with the radiant heat.

The hotwire foam cutters are tools commonly used for cutting polystyrene (also called Styrofoam or eps), but they are able to cut many other different type of foams.

The main component for is cutting wire, often made of Nickel Crome or Titanium, that is heated by a resistor up to 360-380C°

The cutting wires can have different diameters (usually goes from 0,15 to 0,50 mm , but also there are tick wires 1 mm diameter that are can be shaped by hand).

The limits of cutting for this technology are restrained.
The depth of cutting depends of the wire length.


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