The expanded and extruded polystyrene ( EPS / XPS ) can be recycled to create new products.

This cycle is unlimited, that's why is considered ecological, for example tangible of cirlular economy.

Nettuno Sistemi, in addition to create and sell hot wire polystyrene cutting machines, created a machine capeble to recycle every single scrap recovered during the cutting process.

Advantages for Foam Cutters Nettuno:

  • Continous Support and Assistance

  • Ease to use and high productivity

  • Ready to use machinery

  • Strong and reliable components

Why choose
Nettuno Sistemi

Customer Care

Always beside our customers with courtesy and professionalism, for the installation of the cnc foam cutters and for any type of problems.

Advanced Technology

The latest generation software (Patented), user-friendly interface to process complex cut of Styrofoam shapes in an easy and quick way.

Technical Support

Our highly qualified staff will support our customers starting from the first day when they start working with our CNC foam cutting machines


The quality of our CNC foam cutters is related to the use of high quality materials and components, strong and light, like the large aluminium profiles and tempered

Workable materials

  • Polystyrene
  • Expanded Polystyrene
  • Extruded polystyrene
  • XPS
  • EPS
  • Similar Rigid Foam


Ci affidiamo in tutto il mondo ad aziende di alto livello nel campo dell'ediliza, delle costruzioni e del design.
I nostri partner sono un riferimento fondamentale per la distribuzione e il perseguimento della nostra mission aziendale.

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