Plot 250

Foam Block Sized

Plot250 is an ideal starting-level CNC hot-wire foam cutter, highly recommended for start-up businesses looking to venture into cutting and modeling expanded and extruded polystyrene.
Its large cutting area enables it to serve various industries dealing with EPS and XPS, making it a versatile choice for different applications.
The open structure of Plot250 offers great convenience for operators, allowing easy processing of various types of cuts on expanded and extruded polystyrene.

cnc foam hot wire cutting machine
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What you can make

Plot 250 is the perfect CNC foam cutting plotter for those who need to work on small and medium-sized productions, while also being able to handle large commissions without incurring significant expenses.
Decorative elements, cornices, columns and capitals, letters, sculptures, logos, signs, decorations, set designs, shop window displays, scenography, packaging, and shapes of all kinds can be made.

Fields of application

Construction; Building; Windows and Doors; Thermal Insulation; External & Internal Decorations; Green Energy; Energy-saving Homes; Events; Packaging

Discover the CNC foam cutting plotter

The unique structure of the Plot 250 does not require the intervention of a technician for on-site installation. Completely disassembled and stored in medium-sized crates deliverable anywhere in the world, thanks to simple instruction manuals and a demonstration video, it can be easily assembled by the customer. This results in a clear reduction in travel and installation costs, usually required for all CNC machines.

The various phases of assembly of the CNC foam cutting plotter are explained step by step, clearly and in detail, in the assembly demonstration video. Nettuno technicians will also be available during all phases of installation, providing technical support and any clarifications.
Following the assembly of Plot 250, through remote connection, a training course and explanation of the machine will be conducted.

Strong structure

Plot250 features a strong and rigid structure meticulously crafted with high-quality components. The entire frame is constructed using powder-coated steel, ensuring durability and reliability. To maintain precision and accuracy during cutting operations, Plot250 utilizes linear recirculating ball bearing guides for the X-Y axes. This ensures smooth and precise movement, resulting in high-quality cuts for foam shapes. With its robust construction and advanced features, Plot250 offers outstanding performance for a wide range of cutting tasks.

Sliding rollers

The CNC foam cutting plotter is equipped with two sliding rollers to facilitate the loading of expanded polystyrene blocks onto the tabletop.

Open frame structure

The machine is designed with an open frame structure, providing it with a remarkable level of versatility. This design feature makes the process of loading and unloading full blocks of expanded polystyrene much more convenient. The strength and reliability of Plot250’s structure are ensured by its construction using powder-coated painted steel. This material choice guarantees durability and longevity, making Plot250 a dependable investment for its users.

Tools Included


Our console, included with our CNC machines, provides a sturdy structure designed to ensure reliability and functionality. This resilient support offers a secure space to place the PC, allowing for comfortable work proximity to the machinery. With its robustness and practicality, it’s intended to optimize efficiency and comfort during work operations.
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Handheld Keypad

The Handheld Keypad from Nettuno allows you to perform various operations: Jog Moving, Play / Pause, Stop, Adjust Cutting Speed, Rotate Turntable and Control the Position of Axes. These operations can be performed while staying close to the cutting wire, controlling the machine remotely without using the main control (power station). This feature is particularly useful when executing manual moving and cuts of foam blocks, offering convenience and flexibility during the cutting process.
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Nettuno Sistemi's hot-wire cutting system is built on patented software applications. Committed to continuous development and strive to provide a user-friendly software interface. The software of the hot-wire CNC foam cutting machines is divided into two different applications: Nettuno Docker: This is CAM integrated with Corel Draw and is used for creating 2D and 3D models and drawings, Nettuno Cutter is an interface that is directly connected to the machine and is used for performing 3D cutting simulations and executing the actual cuts.
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Vertical Turntable

The Vertical Turntable, also known as the rotating table, is an optional tool used for cutting 3D foam shapes, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, irregular, spheres, columns, 3D foam characters, and figures. This optional tool can be combined with the Shapeable Wire to create grooves on 3D Styrofoam shapes, adding intricate details similar to those seen on coke bottles. The versatility of the Vertical Turntable enhances the creative possibilities and precision in crafting foam sculptures and designs.
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Using the shapeable wire makes it easy to create polystyrene shapes with grooves or engravings. Installed on the slider of the CNC foam cutter, it follows the path drawn in CAD. The combination of handcraft accuracy and CNC technology results in unique curved models that a standard straight cutting wire cannot achieve. This tool is ideal for creating foam moldings and decorations, such as capitals, foam columns, pillars, parapets, crowns, and much more. The cutting process, when combined with a Vertical turntable, allows for creating stunning decorated foam twisted columns and a lot more.
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Dell PC and Monitor

Make the workstation complete with computer and monitor to be immediately operational. All workstation components are Dell branded, to guarantee maximum performance and reliability.
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Quality Made in Italy and support offered in multiple languages


The Nettuno Sistemi support team is capable of providing assistance for our CNC foam cutters in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. This ensures that all of our customers worldwide receive proper training during installation and continuous, efficient support throughout the years.


We take pride in the handcrafted care put into construction, the high quality of components used, and the seamless integration of CNC technology with Nettuno software, backed by our extensive experience. These factors are the best guarantees for our valued customers.

Technology Made in Italy correlated with borderless ASSISTANCE.

Technical features

Overall dimensions3200 x 2400 x 1900 mm
Cutting areaX 2500 mm | Y 1250 mm | Z 2000 mm
StructurePowder coated steel
Maximum axes speed13 m/min
Movement accuracy+/- 0.05 mm
Wire length2000 mm
Cutting wire diameter Ø0,25 - 0,50 mm
Type of cutting wireTitanium
Power supply220/230V 50/60Hz
Single wire absorption1 kW
Wire tensioningBy springs
Wire temperature regulationExternal potentiometer
No. axes4 Independent
X axis transmissionRecirculating ball bearing guides and toothed belts
Y axis transmissionRecirculating ball bearing guides and toothed belts
Table topPowder coated steel
Weight400 kg
Operator consoleIncluded
Wireless handheld keypadIncluded
Sliding rollers for EPS blockIncluded
Dell PC and monitorOptional
Shapeable wireOptional
Vertical turntableOptional

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