TM Line

Hot wire manual cutter

Top of the TM series, the TM Line is a professional hot wire cutter for cutting expanded/extruded polystyrene. High quality and robustness, thanks to the double table top and double panel holder, make it the best choice on the market. The structure is equipped with various metric and angular adjustments that allow various types of cuts on EPS/XPS panels, meeting any construction site needs.

Thanks to its telescopic structure, the TM Line hot wire cutter can cut polystyrene panels up to 1250 mm in height and 280 mm in thickness. Easy to handle and transport thanks to the practical handle fixed on the table top and its compact size, it can be easily placed in the trunk of a small car. Equipped with a practical metal stand, it is positioned vertically on the ground. The metal stand can be folded behind the cutter structure to facilitate the transport.

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What you can make

The TM Line hot wire foam cutter, with its high precision, makes cutting standard polystyrene foam and extruded polystyrene panels very easy during the installation of EIFS systems. Thanks to its clean and accurate cut, it prevents the creation of thermal bridges (as prescribed by current energy-saving regulations) and avoids the annoying and polluting crumbles caused by traditional saws or blade cutters.

Type of cuts

The TM Line hot wire foam cutter allows to execute straight cuts, angular cuts with different degrees, and step cuts. The results will be precise and clean, just as if they were done using a CNC hot wire foam cutting machine.

Discover TM Line

The feature that makes the cutter even more versatile is the addition of the lateral arch. An optional that takes the cutting experience to a higher level. Equipped with a second hot wire, it allows for easy and precise angled cuts.

The optional lateral bow of the hot-wire foam cutter offers a wire length of 32 cm and a cutting depth of 55 cm. These dimensions allow for easy handling of angled cuts and working with polystyrene panels of various thicknesses. With the lateral bow, precise and high-quality results can be achieved.


Cutting wire

The cutting wire has a long life thanks to the on/off button, which interrupts heating when the foam cutter is not in use.


The hot-wire foam cutter TM Line features a strong and lightweight aluminium frame (18 kg).

No jamming

Ball sliding guides ensure clean and precise cuts without jamming of the cutting bow.

Easy maintenance

The power transformer and fuses are protected by a sturdy steel box, which is hooked on the back of the tabletop.

Easy to use

The height of cuts is easy to set, and there is quick access to the different millimetric / angular scales to measure each cut.

Technical Features

Overall dimensions1000 x 1200 x 1900 mm
Cutting length1250 mm
Cutting depth280 mm
StructureAluminum and powder coated steel
Movement accuracy+/- 0.05 mm
Wire length1250 mm
Cutting wire diameter Ø0,40 mm
Type of cutting wireNichrome
Power supplySwitch button 115/230 V 50/60Hz
Single wire absorption0,12 kW
Wire tensioningBy springs
Table topPowder coated steel 800 x 400 mm
Panel holder2 Tiltable | 1200 mm
Weight18 kg
Warranty12 months (electrical components excluded)
Extra vertical cutting archOptional
Wire length320 mm
Wire depth550 mm

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