Versatility over the structural limits

Infinity is the sole hotwire cnc foam-cutting machine without any cutting limitation.
With one machine only, in fact, it is possible to process many different type of foam cutting.
It contains in itself years of experience and knowledge.
This makes Infinity being the “complete solution “ for cutting expanded and extruded polystyrene.

Equipped with 4 independent axes ,Horizontal Lathe, Vertical Turntable and Shapeable Wire / Carver.
It is possible to process, in an easy and quick way, tapered cuts, symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, foam spheres or sculptures and any type of 3d shapes.
Infinity is able to cut, in a perfect way, also twisted polystyrene columns.

This hotwire cnc foam cutting machine is the choice of the most of our customers processing expanded polystyrene, because they feel free to express their own creativity without any limitation, being able to process Styrofoam shapes very different between them.
All the cuts are processed in an accurate way, with one only machine: Infinity.
If you are dealing with small craft or industrial production of rigid foam products, Infinity is the most versatile hotwire foam cutting machine that can be adapted to your business.

What you can make

Perfect CNC cutting machines for any kind of cutting, large or small detailed shapes thanks to its versatility.
Using the hotwire foam cutter Infinity you can produce small highly detailed 3D foam letters, logos, signs, decorated eps cornices /parapets, prototypes or large shapes for industrial sector like polystyrene panels, sheets, external insulating boards, mouldings, precast , insulated shutterbox, roof insulation boards, decorative elements, swimming pool design and components, packaging boxes or protections, movie set, scenography, spa / sauna beds and seats.

Processable foam

  • Expanded Polystyrene – Eps
  • Extruded Polystyrene – Xps
  • Rigid Foam

Suggested for:

  • Constructions
  • Insulation
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Thematic parks
  • Visual communication
  • Set Design
  • Movie set
  • TV set
  • Scenery
  • Packaging
  • Furniture
  • Party Decorations
  • Exhibition stands
  • 3d Creations
  • Green energy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Pontoons
  • Shipbuilding

Quality Made in Italy and support offered in multiple languages.


The support team Nettuno Sistemi is able to offer assistance for our CNC foam cutters in English, French, Italian and Spanish. This guarantees to all of our customers worldwide to get a proper training during the installation, but also a continuous and efficient support during the years.


Handcrafted care for the construction, high quality of components, CNC technology combined with the software Nettuno and our experience, are the best warranties you are buying the top CNC foam cutting machine.

Technology Made in Italy correlated with an ASSISTANCE without borders.

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Discover Infinity


With the wireless Handheld Keypad Nettuno is possible to do different operations:

  • STO

All of these operations can be done staying close to the cutting wire while you still control the machine from remote, not using the main control (power station).
Useful when you need to execute manual moving and cuts of foam blocks

Tastierino Wireless macchina CNC

Movable tabletop

To load the block of expanded polystyrene has never been so easy.
Thanks to the movable tabletop of the machine, is it enough to move the main bench on its recirculating ball bearing guides, running on rails, in order to load a new foam block quickly and easily. In addition, the cutting process with Shapeable Wire will be easily executed, even if the block of Styrofoam has large dimensions. The stratified glass on the tabletop, smooth and perfectly levelled, allows cutting even small shapes having always the top precision.

Adaptable structure

The structure of Infinity can be rapidly extended because it runs on accurate rails fixed on the ground. For this reason, it is possible to cut blocks of expanded polystyrene long up to 4.200 mm. (Infinity can be customized upon request to cut eps blocks long up to 5.000 mm)
Infinity can so be adapted for processing shapes of large dimensions or alternatively very small shapes with fine details. The versatility of Infinity allows installing cutting wire of different diameters: 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.40, 0.50 mm. Working with Infinity is the same as if you have more than one cnc foam cutter, because it can be adapted for any kind of cutting process for the expanded polystyrene, (small foam letters or large shapes – for example voids formers).

Automatic wire tension system

Infinity is equipped with an advanced “automatic wire tensioner” developed from Nettuno Sistemi after years of research, that has been poorly copied by competitors worldwide.
The pc controlled Tensioner Nettuno allows the cutting wire to reach the maximum inclination between the axes without any limitation for foam conical / tapered cuts.
It is equipped with a spool of wire that is being pulled or released, during cutting process with independent axes, always keeping constant the tension of the wire, having the best cutting accuracy.

Cutting Wire Inclination

Reducing the dimension of the main structure of the machine, thanks to its rails fixed on the ground, you can get a higher wire inclination than a machine having fixed structure.
Therefore, thanks to the high angle of inclination, same to the diagonal of the system is possible to cut such particular conical and tapered eps shapes that with a standard machine you could not get.

Microprocessor to control the wire temperature

The temperature of the cutting wire is pc controlled. In this way, you will be sure to have always the correct wire temperature as you set before starting cutting the foam block. It will maintain the wire temperature at the same value also in case of sudden change in tension or change of wire length because of the automatic wire tensioning system.

Multiple Wire Version

The Multiwire version of Infinity can cut a foam block simultaneously with more than one wire ( you can set it from 1 up to 20 cutting wires), processing in series multiples pieces of the same shape, with just one moving of the harp through the foam block. The MultiWire version can also work with a single wire, just removing the harp in an easy and quick way. The cutting wires, when operating with multiwire harp, are tensioned by springs, but once the harp is removed, the automatic tensioner Nettuno regulates the wire tension.
Cutting with the Multiwire system gives different advantages:

  • Reduction of production time
  • Reduction of production cost
  • Increase of productivity

Recommended for the production in series of same profiles, this system is mostly used for making cornices, parapets, architectural foam decorations, mouldings ,insulation boards and panels of eps / xps (used for the external wall insulation system – EIFS), insulated shutter box, packaging, etc.
Infinity Multwire can be equipped with 20 cutting wires 2500 mm long.

The distance between the wires is adjusted manually along a metric scale.

The harp of the Multiwire System that can work in vertical, horizontal or oblique position becomes necessary for the companies who need to produce large number of the same foam shapes.

Industries and fields

    • ROOF
    • EOLIC
    • TV
    • EVENTS

Technical Features


Download Brochure
taglia polistirolo CNC - Infinity Multifilo

Infinity Multifilo

Download Brochure
Ask for a quoteAsk for a quote
Cutting areaX = 2850mm – Y 1250mmX = 2850mm – Y 1250mm
Speed of axes13,000mm/min13,000mm/min
Accuracy+/- 0.05mm+/- 0.05mm
Number of axes4- 6 independent4- 6 independent
Adjustable Wire length1300>4200mm1300>4200mm
Type of cutting wireNickel Crome/TitaniumNickel Crome/Titanium
Diameter cutting wirefrom 0,20 to 0,50 mmfrom 0,20 to 0,50 mm
TabletopStratified glassStratified glass
Sliding guidesRecirculating Ball bearing linear guidesRecirculating Ball bearing linear guides
StructureAnodized aluminium/steelAnodized aluminium/steel
Power supply230V 50/60Hz 1kW230V 50/60Hz 1kW
MotorsStepper closed loopStepper closed loop
Adjustment wire temperatureExternal potentiometerExternal potentiometer
Operator interfaceNettuno CutterNettuno Cutter
Weight800 kg800 kg
Wire tensioningAutomatic Tensioner pc controlledAutomatic Tensioner pc controlled
License Software NettunoYESYES
Wireless handheld keypadYESYES
Horizontal turntable/LatheYESYES
Vertical TurntableYESYES
Shapeable Wire / CarverYESYES
Work StationYESYES
Multiwire HarpNOYES
Number of Wires120+1
Kit SNIPER320 - High precision transmissionOptional
Wire length - multiwire harp 2500 mm * (upon request is possible to customize it)

Tools included

The series infinity is equipped with a complete range of tools : Vertical turntable, Horizontal Lathe, Shapeable Wire

Shapeable wire

Using the shapeable wire it will be very easy to make foam shapes with grooves or engraves.
The shapeable wire / carver is installed on the slider of the CNC foam cutter and moves following the path drawn in CAD. The combination between the handcraft accuracy and the technology CNC is giving as result unique curved models that a standard straight cutting wire, could not give. This tool is used for creating foam moulding and decorations like capitals, foam columns, pillars, parapets, crowns and much more.
The cutting process joined with Vertical or Horizontal turntable allows making great decorated foam twisted columns.

Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal Turntable / Lathe, is used for to processing large 3d Styrofoam shapes or sculptures starting from long eps blocks and / or foam cylinders.
This tool is able to cut complex expanded polystyrene spiral columns, fluted columns, twisted columns, capitals and many 3d objects also combining it with the shapeable wire.
The main difference between vertical turntable and horizontal lathe, is that you can process longer foam block because it can cut blocks all along the same length of the X axes.

piatto verticale CNC a filo caldo

Vertical Turntable

The Vertical Turntable, also called rotating table, is an optional used for cutting 3D foam shapes, symmetrical or asymmetrical irregular, spheres, columns, 3D foam characters and figures.This optional, can be also combines with the Shapeable Wire for making grooves on 3D Styrofoam shapes. (like details on coke bottles)


A solid and complete workstation is coming along with pc, monitor, controls for software / hardware of the machines functions. All of the components coming with the workstation are Dell branded for offering a high efficiency and reliability.


You can choose from our options to further customize your cutting experience..

particolare multiwire clevel

High Precision Transmission for X and Y axes.

Closed loop Stepper motors don’t run on standard Belts, but the motors on X-X1 run on Gear Racks and Y-Y1 axes run on Bearing Screws.

As result the machine increase its precision of cuts.



The intelligent cutting wire speed system.
Clevel is an automatic feed rate adjustment, (conceived and patented by Nettuno Sistemi), that can automatically adjust the feed rate (cutting speed) of the axes by detecting the alignment of the cutting wire.
It can regulate and optimize the speed of cutting wire in relation of the different density of the foam that the machine is cutting.
To set manually the correct cutting speed for the cnc foam cutter could be complex procedure and the operator must keep in mind different parameters:

  • Cutting wire temperature
  • Diameter of the cutting wire
  • Temperature of the environment where the machine is placed
  • Environmental humidity
  • Humidity of the expanded polystyrene block that he is going to cut
  • Density of the Styrofoam block
  • Possible irregular expansion of the foam block

Clevel is able to process all these data automatically and in real time.

Installing Clevel on the CNC hotwire foam cutters Nettuno Sistemi, the operator is avoiding mistakes and low accuracy of the cuts, that could happen when the foam cutting machine works without a preliminary control of the above mentioned parameters and a continuous monitoring of the cutting process.


The technology hotwire cutting system of Nettuno Sistemi is based on patented software applications..

Nettuno believes and pursuits a continuous development of user-friendly software interface.

The software Nettuno Sistemi, for our hotwire CNC foam cutting machines, is divided in two different applications

  • Nettuno Plug-in, CAM integrated with Corel Draw (for creating 2D and 3D models / drawings)
  • Nettuno Cutter, interface directly connected with the machine for making 3D cutting simulation and execute the cuts.

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