Infinity Sniper

Versatility over the structural limits

Resulting from years of experience in the industry, Infinity Sniper represents the pinnacle of completeness and versatility for polystyrene processing. With Infinity Sniper, you can perform any operation with precision and without limits, fully exploiting the potential of CNC hot wire technology.
It is operated by 4 independent axes, to which accessories such as the horizontal lathe, vertical lathe, and excavator are added. Smooth motion occurs on precision ball recirculating guides and lead screws, ensuring maximum precision for any type of machining.
Loved by our customers for its creative freedom and ability to handle diametrically opposed projects with a single machine, Infinity Sniper stands out for its ease of use and impeccable precision.

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What you can make

Thanks to its versatility, this CNC hot wire cutting machine allows you to cut everything from small, delicate filigree 3D shapes such as letters, symbols, inscriptions, and finely chiseled crown moldings to large industrial applications like insulation or soundproofing panels, suspended ceilings, thermal insulation blocks and shutter boxes, moldings, molds, matrices, decorative elements, preformed pieces for pools and spas, formworks, and much more.

Fields of application

Construction; Building; Windows and Doors; Thermal Insulation; External & Internal Decorations; Green Energy; Energy-saving Homes; Events; Packaging

Discover Infinity Sniper

Movable tabletop

Loading the expanded polystyrene block has never been easier. With the movable tabletop of the machine, simply slide the main bench on its recirculating ball bearing guides, running on rails, to quickly and effortlessly load a new foam block. Moreover, executing the cutting process with the Shapeable Wire is easy, even for large Styrofoam blocks. The smooth and perfectly leveled tabletop ensures precise cutting, even for small shapes.

Adaptable structure

Thanks to its structure, which moves smoothly and effortlessly on rails, it is possible to increase the working area of the Infinity Sniper. This allows for cuts exceeding 4 meters in length. The polystyrene cutting machine can quickly switch from industrial work cycles to settings for performing precise cuts.
The versatility of the Infinity Sniper allows for the installation of wires ranging from 0.25 mm to 0.50 mm in diameter. This means that even detailed and precise cuts on delicate pieces, including very small ones, are within reach of this CNC machine.g process for expanded polystyrene, from small foam letters to large shapes.

independent axes of cnc foam cutting machine

Automatic wire tension system

The CNC hot-wire foam cutting machine Infinity Sniper features an advanced “automatic wire tensioner,” a product of Nettuno Sistemi’s extensive research, which has been unsuccessfully imitated by competitors worldwide. The PC-controlled Tensioner Nettuno enables the cutting wire to achieve the maximum inclination between the axes, without any restrictions. 

Cutting Wire Inclination

By reducing the dimensions of the main structure and using fixed rails on the ground, the machine achieves a higher wire inclination compared to machines with a fixed structure. This high angle of inclination, equivalent to the diagonal of the system, allows for cutting unique conical and tapered EPS shapes that would be challenging to achieve with a standard machine. 

Microprocessor to control the wire temperature

The temperature of the cutting wire is PC-controlled, ensuring a constant and accurate wire temperature as set before cutting the foam block. The automatic wire tensioning system maintains the wire temperature at the same value, even if there are sudden changes in tension or variations in wire length.

Tools included



The Handheld Keypad from Nettuno allows you to perform various operations: Jog Moving, Play / Pause, Stop, Adjust Cutting Speed, Rotate Turntable and Control the Position of Axes. These operations can be performed while staying close to the cutting wire, controlling the machine remotely without using the main control (power station). This feature is particularly useful when executing manual moving and cuts of foam blocks, offering convenience and flexibility during the cutting process.
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Nettuno Sistemi's hot-wire cutting system is built on patented software applications. Committed to continuous development and strive to provide a user-friendly software interface.The software of the hot-wire CNC foam cutting machines is divided into two different applications: Nettuno Docker: This is CAM integrated with Corel Draw and is used for creating 2D and 3D models and drawings, Nettuno Cutter is an interface that is directly connected to the machine and is used for performing 3D cutting simulations and executing the actual cuts.
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Work station

The CNC hot-wire foam cutting machine Infinity Sniper comes with a solid and complete workstation that includes a PC, monitor, and controls for the software/hardware functions of the machines. All components are Dell branded to ensure high efficiency and reliability, providing a reliable and seamless working experience.
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Vertical turntable

The Vertical Turntable, also known as the rotating table, is an optional tool used for cutting 3D foam shapes, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, irregular, spheres, columns, 3D foam characters, and figures. This optional tool can be combined with the Shapeable Wire to create grooves on 3D Styrofoam shapes, adding intricate details similar to those seen on coke bottles. The versatility of the Vertical Turntable enhances the creative possibilities and precision in crafting foam sculptures and designs.
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Horizontal lathe

The Horizontal Turntable / Lathe is used to process large 3D Styrofoam shapes or sculptures from long EPS blocks and/or foam cylinders. It cuts complex expanded polystyrene spiral columns, fluted columns, twisted columns, capitals, and many other 3D objects, often combined with the shapeable wire. The main difference between the Vertical Turntable and Horizontal Lathe is that the latter can process longer foam blocks, as it cuts along the entire length of the X axis. This feature allows for handling larger foam blocks, enabling the creation of impressive and intricate foam sculptures and designs.
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Using the shapeable wire makes it easy to create polystyrene shapes with grooves or engravings. Installed on the slider of the CNC foam cutter, it follows the path drawn in CAD. The combination of handcraft accuracy and CNC technology results in unique curved models that a standard straight cutting wire cannot achieve. This tool is ideal for creating foam moldings and decorations, such as capitals, foam columns, pillars, parapets, crowns, and much more. The cutting process, when combined with a Vertical or Horizontal turntable, allows for creating stunning decorated foam twisted columns and a lot more.
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Multiple wire harp

The Multiple wire version of the Infinity Sniper CNC cutting machine can simultaneously cut a foam block with more than one wire (you can set it from 1 up to 20 cutting wires). This allows processing multiple pieces of the same shape in series with just one movement of the harp through the foam block. The multiple wire version can also work with a single wire, easily and quickly removing the harp. When operating with a multiple wire harp, the cutting wires are tensioned by springs, and once the harp is removed, the automatic tensioner Nettuno regulates the wire tension. Our Multiple wire CNC cutting machines are recommended for series production of the same profiles, making them ideal for creating cornices, parapets, architectural foam decorations, moldings, insulation boards, EPS/XPS panels (used for the external wall insulation system - EIFS), insulated shutter boxes, packaging, etc. The distance between the wires is manually adjustable along a metric scale. The harp of the Multi wire System can work in a vertical, horizontal, or oblique position, making it essential for companies that require the production of a large number of identical foam shapes.
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The intelligent cutting wire speed system, Clevel, is an automatic feed rate adjustment (conceived and patented by Nettuno Sistemi) that detects the alignment of the cutting wire and adjust the feed rate (cutting speed) of the axes accordingly. It optimizes the cutting wire speed based on the foam’s different densities being cut by the machine. Manually setting the correct cutting speed for the CNC cutting machine can be a complex procedure, as the operator must consider various parameters such as cutting wire temperature, diameter, environmental temperature, humidity, expanded polystyrene block’s humidity, Styrofoam block density, and possible irregular foam block expansion. Clevel processes all these data automatically and in real-time. By installing Clevel on Nettuno Sistemi’s CNC hot-wire foam cutters, operators can avoid mistakes and achieve higher cutting accuracy. This ensures a more precise cutting process, avoiding inaccuracies that may occur when the foam cutting machine operates without preliminary control of the mentioned parameters and continuous monitoring of the cutting process.
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Quality Made in Italy and support offered in multiple languages.


The Nettuno Sistemi support team provides assistance for our CNC foam cutters in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. This ensures that all our customers worldwide receive proper training during installation and continuous and efficient support throughout the years.


Craftsmanship in construction, high-quality components, CNC technology combined with Nettuno software, and our experience are the best guarantees when purchasing a top of the line CNC hot wire cutting machine.

Italian-made technology, paired with borderless assistance.

Technical Features

Overall dimensions6000 x 3100 x 2000 mm
Cutting areaX 2620 mm | Y 1250 mm | Z 1300 > 4200 mm
StructureMilled steel and anodized aluminum profiles
Maximum axes speed13 m/min
Movement accuracy+/- 0.05 mm
Adjustable wire length1300 > 4200 mm
Cutting wire diameter Ø0,25 - 0,50 mm
Type of cutting wireTitanium
Power supply220/230V 50/60Hz
Single wire absorption1,5 kW
Wire tensioningAutomatic
Wire temperature regulationAutomatic by microprocessor
No. axes6 Independent
X axis transmissionGear racks and ball bearing guides
Y axis transmissionBearing screws and ball bearing guides
Table topSliding | Compacmel Plus (composite wood)
Weight800 kg
Operator consoleIncluded
Wireless handheld keypadIncluded
Dell HMIIncluded
Side benchesIncluded
Vertical turntableIncluded
Horizontal latheIncluded
Shapeable wireIncluded
Multiple wire harpOptional

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