LC 140

Hotknife LC140 for eps /xps

The manual foam cutter with hot blade LC140 is a tool used for cutting by hand eps, xps, (or similar rigid foam)
It is possible to install different type of blades that can process various type of shapes in the panel of expanded / extruded polystyrene.
This foam cutter is used by contractors on the building site when need to make some freehand cut of polystyrene panels / eps slab for the external wall insulation system (cut a panel or make a groove where to encapsulate a pipe)
The cutter is also suggested for sculptors who need to make Styrofoam sculptures, foam decorations, and 3d creations.
The most of our customers working with a cnc foam cutting machine, use the LC140 for completing final details to their 3d foam sculptures.
After processing a 3d foam shape with the turntable, they might need to complete further details using the LC140 and its special blades.
This cutter is recommended also for cake design, creating special cake dummies or 3d foam decoration for party and events.

LC140 - Taglierina a filo caldo manuale

How it works LC 140

Type C-100 – cutting up to 100 mm (4’’)
Type C-140 – cutting up to 140 mm
Type CN-14, semi-circular for grooves of 14 mm
Type CN-20, semi-circular for grooves of 20 mm
Type CN-26, semi-circular for grooves of 26 mm
Type CR-20, semi-circular for grooves of 20 mm
Type CS-20, square for grooves of 20 mm
Type CV-20, V shaped for grooves of 20 mm


LC140 foam cutter includes a straight blade 140mm long, but are available a full set of extra special blades. The blades can reach a temperature of 500°. The cutter is not causing any crumble during the cutting process

Technical Features

LC140 - Taglierina a filo caldo manuale

LC 140

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Ready to cut in10 seconds
Tension230V-50Hz – 110V-60Hz
Power110 Watt
Intermittently use every1/4 minutes
Temperaturer of bladesmax 500° C
Weight1025 g (including blade)

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