Plot 250

Foam Blok Sized

Plot250 is a starting level CNC hotwire foam cutter, highly recommend for the Start-up who want to start running the business of cutting and modelling expanded and extruded polystyrene.

With Plot250, they will be sure to get a professional cnc foam cutting machine with a low investment.
It is able to work in many different business industries dealing with EPS and XPS, because of its large cutting area.

The open structure of Plot250 allows the operator to process easily any kind of cuts of expanded / extruded polystyrene .
Nettuno introduced the concept of “open frame structure” more than 10 years ago, with the model Infinity and continued now to offer this solution with the foam cutting machine Plot250
Plot250 represents today the combination of feedbacks coming from our customers worldwide and the research or our team for creating the most advanced and powerful CNC hotwire foam cutting machines.

PLOT 250 - Macchine CNC taglia polistirolo

What you can make

Plot250 is the perfect CNC hotwire foam-cutting machine for making “small” and “medium” size productions made of styrofoam. It can also be adapted, if requested for large productions.

This machine is suggested for the making decorative foam elements, foam cornices, pillars, columns, polystyrene mouldings, Styrofoam sculptures, 3d Logos , signs, billboards, scenography, movie set, packaging, party decorations.
Is important to underline that, the affordable cost of this machine is not affecting the high quality, guaranteed for all of the cutting machines Nettuno Sistemi.

Processable foam

  • Expanded Polystyrene – Eps
  • Extruded Polystyrene – Xps
  • Rigid Foam

Quality Made in Italy and support offered in multiple languages.


The support team Nettuno Sistemi is able to offer assistance for our CNC foam cutters in English, French, Italian and Spanish. This guarantees to all of our customers worldwide to get a proper training during the installation, but also a continuous and efficient support during the years.


Handcrafted care for the construction, high quality of components, CNC technology combined with the software Nettuno and our experience, are the best warranties you are buying the top CNC foam cutting machine.

Technology Made in Italy correlated with an ASSISTANCE without borders.

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Discover the CNC hotwire Plot250

The structure of Plot250 has been designed and developed in order to be installed by anyone, just following simple instructions, provided with the machine.
The hotwire foam cutter Plot250 is shipped completely disassembled in a strong crate and can be delivered worldwide.
This can be translated into a net cut of extra costs for technician or specialized operators, which are usually requested, for assembling a CNC machine.

Any step for installing Plot250 is highly detailed in the user manual provided.
The technician Nettuno Sistemi will be in touch via web with the customer offering support and technical solutions in case of any doubts. After the foam cutter Plot250 is fully assembled, the support team Nettuno will provide a full training course about the use of the software and cutter.

Strong rigid structure made of steel and recirculating ball bearing guides.

Plot250 is made with handcraft care using high quality components.
Its structure is completely made of powder coated steel and the axes X-Y / X1-Y1 run on recirculating ball bearing guides.

Loading Roller conveyor.

Plot250 is equipped with two strong roller conveyors to make easier the loading expanded polystyrene block on the tabletop.


Plot250 is equipped with the new wireless Handheld Keypad Nettuno, that help the operator doing different operations:

  • STOP

All of these operations can be done staying close to the cutting wire while you still control the machine from remote, not using the main control (power station).
Useful when you need to execute manual moving and cuts of foam blocks.

Tastierino Wireless macchina CNC

Technical features

PLOT 250 - Macchine CNC taglia polistirolo

Plot 250

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Cutting areaX = 2500mm; Y = 1210mm
Number of axes4- 5 independent
Speed of axes8.000 mm/min
Accuracy+/- 0.05
Wire length2000 mm
Type of cutting wireTitanium
Sezione filo da taglio0,25 - 0,30
Power supply230V 50/60Hz 1kW
Sliding guidesRecirculating Ball bearing linear guides
Structurepowder coated steel
Adjustment wire temperatureExternal potentiometer
Operator interfaceNettuno Cutter
License Software NettunoYes
Wireless handhed keypadYes
Vertical TurntableOptional
Shapeable Wire / CarverOptional
Work StationYes


Plot 250 is prepared to use accessories for polystyrene cutting for more creative possibilities.

Vertical Turntable

The Vertical Turntable, also called rotating table, is an optional used for cutting 3D foam shapes, symmetrical or asymmetrical irregular, spheres, columns, 3D foam characters and figures.
This optional, can be also combines with the Shapeable Wire for making grooves on 3D Styrofoam shapes. (like details on coke bottles)

Shapeable wire / Carver

Using the Shapeable wire it will be very easy to make foam shapes with grooves or engraves.
The shapeable wire / carver is installed on the slider of the CNC foam cutter and moves following the path drawn in CAD.
The combination between the handcraft accuracy and the technology CNC is giving as result unique curved models that a standard straight cutting wire, could not give.
This tool is used for creating foam moulding and decorations like capitals, foam columns, pillars, parapets, crowns and much more or modelling the eps as you prefer.
The cutting process joined with Vertical or Horizontal turntable allows making amzing-decorated foam twisted columns.


The technology hotwire cutting system of Nettuno Sistemi is based on patented software applications..

Nettuno believes and pursuits a continuous development of user-friendly software interface.

The software Nettuno Sistemi, for our hotwire CNC foam cutting machines, is divided in two different applications

  • Nettuno Plug-in, CAM integrated with Corel Draw (for creating 2D and 3D models / drawings)
  • Nettuno Cutter, interface directly connected with the machine for making 3D cutting simulation and execute the cuts.