SQ 4200HV

Automatic Cross / Down Cutting machine with double harp.

Cross / Down Cutting machine with double harp for trimming and squaring block of expanded polystyrene and the production of eps / xps sheets / slabs
The Multiwire Down / Cross Cutting machine Sq4200 is able to cut blocks of expanded polystyrene in vertical and/or horizontal direction.
The block of eps after positioned on the tabletop is aligned by pneumatic stops.
For the horizontal cut, SQ4200 has a harp with metric scale on which can be set maximum 60 cutting wires.
The harp, can be tilted in order that when the cutting wires get out of the foam block, they do not create an irregular step (caused by the fall of the material).
The harp for the Vertical Cut can be equipped with maximum 20 cutting wires.

Squadratice CNC SQ4200

External Wall Insulation (EIFS)

How it is made and what you can do

SQ4200HV has 2 harps that run on recirculating bearing guides and are driven by servo motors.
From the touchscreen is possible to control the moving of the axes, setting the dimension of the block of expanded polystyrene.
For reducing the processing time, the harp move fast when is out of the foam blocks.
The speed of the cutting wire and the temperature can be adjusted using the potentiometers on the workstation.
SQ4200 is the solution for producing large number eps / xps sheets thanks to its double harp (Vertical with 20 cutting wires ad Horizontal with 60 cutting wires).

Customization and upgrade

  • Automatic adjusting of cutting wires
  • Extention of the cutting area
  • The machinery is compliant with the regulations of safety

Can be used for producing:

  • Eps – Xps Boards / Panels / Slab
  • Foam Baton
  • Trim Blocks of Expanded Polystyrene
  • Square eps blocks

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Structure made of large anodized aluminium and steel.. Pneumatic piston for positioning the blocks of polystyrene. The Harp has 2 Vertical Cutting wires to trim the foam blocks and a complete work station.

Panel Control

The panel control of the SQ4200 includes:

  • Power button
  • Emergency stop
  • Potentiometer to regulate the temperature of cutting wires
  • Potentiometer to regulate the cutting speed
  • Touch screen to set the parameters for cutting procedure

Touch screen

The touch screen (industrial pc equipped with operating system winCe) can set different cutting programs

  • Cut bottom up followed by horizontal cut
  • Fast moving for positioning of the harp
  • Enable/Disable air pistons for the positioning of the block of polystyrene
  • Heating of the cutting wires only during moving
  • Regulated speed during the cutting process and fast moving when the cuttin wires are out of the foam blocks
  • More peronalized functions

Technical Featurese

Squadratice CNC SQ4200

SQ 4200HV

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Dimensions6.000 mm x 2.200 mm x 2.600 mm
Horizontal HarpConsente max n. 60 fili 0,30 ni/cr
Horizontal Harp- Axis X4.200 mm
Horizontal Harp – Heigth of the Harp1.280 mm
Horizontal Harp – Wire length1.400 mm
Vertical Harpmax n. 20/60 cutting wires 0,30 mm ni/cr
Vertical Harp - Axis Y1.450 mm
Vertical Harp- Width of harp4.200 mm
Vertical Harp – Lentgh of cutting wires1.500 mm