TM Line

Hotwire manual cutter for insulation boards made of eps / xps for EIFS

Hotwire manual cutter for insulation boards made of eps / xps for EIFS

TMline, the top series of the TM foam cutters, is a professional tool for cutting panels of expanded and extruded polystyrene that are used for the external wall insulation system ( also called EIFS)
The hotwire cutter TMline has a strong and light structure made of aluminum and steel. It as a double table top and double wings that are used for holding the eps / xps sheet during the cutting.
The whole structure has different metric scales in order to execute many type of cutting (straight cuts, step cuts, angular cuts) These functions fit exactly with the needs of contractors that have to process cut on the panel of expanded / extruded polystyrene while they are on the building site.
The telescopic structure of TMline can be extended and cut eps / xps boards long maximum 1250 mm and 280 mm thick. Is not requested any maintenance.
Compact, light (18 kg) and easy to be carried using the handle fixed on the tabletop it can easily be placed on the boot of a small car. The strong tripod, ca be quickly closed on the back of the tabletop when the foam cutter is not being used.

External Wall Insulation System (Eifs)

What you can make.

The hotwire manual cutter TMline can execute high detailed cuts of eps / xps boards used for the EIFS.
The clean cut of the polystyrene slab is important in order that 2 panels fit snugly and this avoid the creation of thermal bridges (in accordance to the regulation above the Energy saving ).Furthermore the hotwire cut is not creating crumble that are usually caused by saw, blades or simple cutters.

With the TMline is possible to execute various kind of cuts on the eps / xps sheets (angular with different degrees, straight cut, step cut) and the results will be perfect as if was done using a CNC foam cutting machine.

Features and advantages

Strong and light aluminium frame (18kg)
Long life of the cutting wire thanks to the on/off button that interrupts the heating of cutting wire when the foam cutter is not working.
Spool with spare cutting wire hooked directly on the cutting bow and ready for use (up to 10 spare wires available)
The cutting wire has a long life because is heated only when it is cutting.
Furthermore, you don’t risk to burn when the cutter is in standby.

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Technical Features

Tm line - Taglierina a filo caldo manuale

TM Line

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Length of Wire1250 mm
Maximim depth of cutting280 mm
Type of cuttingAngular on both sides of the eps / xps panel – Straight cut– step cut
Weight18 Kg
Overall dimensions100 x 56 x 27 cm
Power consumption120 Watt in low tension - 50/60 hz
Power supply230 Volt - (available also to work at 110volts.)