TM Slim

Hotwire manual cutter for panels of expanded / extruded polystyrene (eps – xps)

Hotwire manual cutter for panels of expanded / extruded polystyrene (eps – xps)
The cutter TMslim, has been designed and developed for cutting the foam sheets used for the External Wall Insulation System. (Eifs)
TMslim is equipped with a table top and wing where to place the eps / xps panels.
The structure of this manual hotwire cutter has different regulation with metric and angular scales for executing and measuring different type of cuts.
Same strong and light telescopic structure of the hotwire foam cutter TMline, also with TMslim is possible to cut polystyrene boards long 1250 mm and 280 mm thick
The ergonomic handle for carrying it, is integrated in the tabletop.
The tripod made of aluminium is tall enough and the worker doens’t need to bend on his knee when must cut the eps / xps panels.

Tm Slim - Taglierina a filo caldo manuale

External Wall Insulation System

What you can make

Made for cutting the sheet / slabs of polystyrene on the building site during the installation EIFS (external insulation finishing system), TMslim is able to do straight and angular cuts extremely accurate.

Technical features and advantages

Strong, light and reliable aluminium structure (16 kg)
Long life of the cutting wire thanks to the on/off button integrated on the cutting bow. It avoids also accidental burn when the foam cutter is in standby.
Spool with spare cutting wire hooked on the cutting bow for a rapid replacement ( up to 10 extra spare wires available in each spool)

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Technical Features

Tm Slim - Taglierina a filo caldo manuale

TM Slim

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Length of Wire1250 mm
Maximim depth of cutting280 mm
Type of cutting Angular cut of the eps / xps panel – Straight cut
Wieght16 Kg
Overall dimensions100 x 50 x 20 cm
Power consumption 120 Watt in low tension - 50/60 hz
Power supply230 Volt - (available also to work at 110volts)

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