Chips Maker

Multi-wire dicing machine

The “Polystyrene Chips Maker” hot wire dicing machine is used to produce shavings and polystyrene cubes (chips) for packaging, obtained through a system of crossed harps.

Its functionality consists in working EPS and XPS through three crossed Hot Wire harps, two of which are fixed and last one is moving in order to be able to dissect the material loaded onto the loading hopper.

Thanks to the adjustment of potentiometers from which is possible to set the temperature of the wire and the speed of the harp, the length of the chips can be longer or shorter, depending on what is required.

The chips / cubes obtained is deposited in the appropriate bags placed in the terminal phase of the unloading hopper.

This machine represents a double opportunity for the companies : protect the environment and generate more profit reusing the waste /scrap of expanded or extruded polystyrene in different industries, like packaging.

hotwire foam recycle machine

Foam recycling Chips Maker: A Sustainable Solution by Nettuno Sistemi

In the quest for sustainable waste management solutions, Nettuno Sistemi has introduced a groundbreaking foam recycling Chips Maker. As a leading innovator in cutting and shaping technology for polystyrene, Nettuno Sistemi has addressed the global challenge of managing Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Extruded Polystyrene waste with their state-of-the-art machine. The foam recycling Chips Maker transforms EPS scraps into reusable chips, offering an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to the EPS waste problem.

Foam recycling Chips Maker is a revolutionary machine specifically designed to convert EPS waste into valuable recycled chips. The process follows a series of advanced steps, ensuring maximum efficiency, energy conservation, and high-quality output.

  • Collection and Preparation

The recycling process begins with the collection of EPS waste from various sources such as manufacturing plants, construction sites, and distribution centers. To guarantee a smooth recycling procedure, the collected EPS waste undergoes meticulous sorting, eliminating any contaminants or impurities.

  • Size Reduction

Advantages of Nettuno Sistemi EPS Recycler Chips Maker

  • Eco-Friendly Solution: The foam recycling Chips Maker machine exemplifies Nettuno Sistemi commitment to environmental conservation. By diverting EPS waste and converting it into reusable chips, the machine significantly reduces the environmental impact of EPS disposal.
  • Energy Efficiency: Nettuno Sistemi advanced technology ensures energy-efficient EPS recycling.
  • Customizable Output: The foam recycling Chips Maker offers flexibility in producing chips of varying sizes and shapes. This customization allows the recycled EPS chips to be tailored to specific applications, catering to the needs of diverse industries.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By utilizing recycled polystyrene chips from Nettuno Sistemi machine, businesses can reduce their material costs compared to using new EPS. This cost-effective alternative encourages more widespread adoption of eco-friendly practices.

Technical Features

hotwire foam recycle machine

Chips Maker

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StructureAnodized Aluminum
Absorption7,5 kW
Input voltage220/230 VAC (1F+N)
WiresTi 0,3 mm
Length of the wires67x 67 cm
Maximum number of wires40
Minimum distance between wires1,5 cm
Inner diameter of the bag sealing disc40 cm
Height between bag sealing and floor110 cm
Discs for sealing unloading bagsNr. 2
Weight260 Kg
N° Harps3 (2 Fisse + 1 Mobile)
Moving Harp Stroke~ 3 cm
Recyclable materialEPS / XPS